Customer Satisfaction Survey - General

                                               Serving you more efficiently and effectively is our prerequisite. We would appreciate if you could help us in achieving our goals of improving service quality by completing this survey.

                                               Please select the rating scale of 1-5 for part A, B & C that you feel to be the most closely aligned with your opinion.

                                               (A) Rate the importance level of product, information, service and overall satisfaction.
                                               (B) Rate SMC performance.
                                               (C) Rate your other supplier's performance (in similar business) as compared with SMC.

1 2 3 4 5
A Not important Not so important Moderately important Important Very Important
B & C Need improvement Below average Average Good Excellent
Overall Very dissatisfied Not so satisfied Just satisfied Quite satisfied Extremely satisfied


Importance Level

SMC Performance

Other Similar
Supplier Performance
1 Product Range
2 Product Durability
3 Product Performance
4 Ease of use
5 Value for money
6 Ease of getting information
7 Website content
8 Interpretation of catalog information
9 Response to enquiry
10 Ease of placing order
11 Delivery reliability (punctuality,correct quantity etc)
12 Technical support
13 Sales representative's product knowledge
14 Sales representative's service
Overall satisfaction
15 Overall satisfaction level in regards to your
dealing with SMC and your other similar supplier
in general.


                                               Please tick the box for the answer that you feel to be closely aligned with your opinion.
                                               You can select more than one answer.

                                               (D) What is/are the reason/s for you to purchase from SMC?

                                               (E) Please tell us if you are purchasing SMC parts from other sources (exclude SMC appointed distributors).

                                               (F) Market share of SMC and other brands in your company.
                                                      Please fill in the name of your other major supplier (in similar business) and estimate its market share.
                                                 SMC %
        Similar Major Supplier, (if applicable) %
Others (if applicable) %

                                               (G) What would you hope to see in your future dealings with SMC?
Thank You for your sincere feedback. This will help us in providing the best service as expected by you.